a quiet expression

a quieter expression in oil 36×36   there is so much noise in my head it creates a pressure in my body i go to nature for the depth of pause that returns me to a quieter expression   necessary every day grounding in the power of silence

new ways

i don’t have many words these days, better not to try to explain what anything might be. but the new paintings feel quiet, and playful, and a nice place to be near.


today i can write what i wrote in June. it is sinking in, i am letting it sink it, giving it plenty of room to lead me into what wants to take form. letting go, letting be. painting. gardening. writing. loving. being a friend. adoring a loved one. being one, too.

the tipping point

  A yellow painting returned me to my love for painting. It brought me to a tipping point – a point that I am now experiencing as an expansion and celebration of myself as a painter, as a very human being, and as a woman, in touch with her life. Like the cresting of a wave, … More the tipping point